Helping grow financial capability

We offer a range of services to help build financial capability and resilience for people, families and whanau experiencing hardship

Dunedin Budget Advisory Service

We provide free and confidential services to anybody in the greater Dunedin area.

General budgeting advice


Creditor negotiation

Insolvency assistance

Financial action planning

Proudly supporting the Dunedin Budget Advisory Service

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“We helped a client get an interest free loan, for higher interest debt repayment, which now sees their budget $48/week better off!”

“We assisted a young mum by getting a $200 credit on her power bill as she had increased costs due to a family member staying with her.”

“Working through a client’s budget, we identified a very high repayment rate for a credit contract (HP) but were able to negotiate a smaller repayment plan for her.”

“We helped a client withdraw some money from their Kiwisaver due to hardship. They are now using this money to pay back rent arrears to avoid eviction.”

“We helped a client get rid of their debt by going insolvent. The relief to him was just as overwhelming as his debt was, but this time, in a good way!”

“After making some financial changes, our client showed a small surplus in each week’s budget. We helped him identify some financial goals and he’s now saving for a holiday with his kids.”

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